About Suitcase Kids Drama

Suitcase Kids creates resources for educators, and runs drama workshops for children, young people and teachers in the SE of England. If you’re interested in booking a workshop, please email: louise@suitcasekids.co.uk 

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A bit about the workshops for children and  young people

Participants take part in fun drama games and learn a bit about what it would be like to be a child in the 1940s. Everyone is made welcome and there is no focus on performance. Instead we use creative play, improvisation, group games and props based on a WW2 theme, like ration books, recipe cards, and an old suitcase that contains plenty of surprises.


Feedback from parents:

Thanks. My daughter had a wonderful time!”

Both kids really enjoyed it.”

They loved telling me what was in the suitcase!

And from a previous participant (age 5):

My suitcase is full of jellybeans!”

A bit about me

Hello. I’m Louise. I have spent all of my life as a writer and educator in various guises. I believe that teaching is powerful, important and dynamic, and also that education and the Creative Arts have both been given a rough deal recently. I want to enable the teaching of creative subjects in an accessible, flexible and down-to-earth way. When I started teaching I noticed that there were hardly any ‘pick up and teach it’ drama session plans available, and so set out to create my own – they were published in 2002. The Busy Teacher Drama Books are those drama sessions in a newly revised and updated form.

Lou at campsite

A few years ago, I developed the small steps method to help my undergraduate students with goal setting and time management and blog about it at www.smallstepsguide.co.uk I believe that you can take any task, goal, ambition, dream – whatever it is – and break it down into small manageable steps, until you get to something that you could do today. You’ll find that the Busy Teacher books also use the ethos of breaking things down into small steps.

I taught my first ever class in 1993 – it was a session on Kathakali at a primary school in Norwich, when we painted the kids’ faces green! I did my Drama degree at the University of East Anglia (1994), my PGCE in Drama at Middlesex (1996) and my MA in Creative Writing at UEA (2002). I worked as a drama teacher and lecturer until about 2005 when I moved into teaching Creative Writing, after my novels were published.

Host a drama workshop in your school or college

I recently began Suitcase Kids to share the story of my Dad’s World War II evacuation (he went from the East End to Bude in Cornwall), through T.I.E. If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your school, please get in touch: louise@suitcasekids.co.uk

Louise Tondeur

My books

Unusual Places: A Short Story Collection. Cultured Llama Press, 2018. [Forthcoming]

Drama Lesson Plans for Busy Teachers. (Book One) Suitcase Kids, 2017.

How to Write a Novel and Get it Published. A Small Steps Guide, 2017.

Find Time to Write. A Small Steps Guide, 2017.

The Small Steps Guide to Goal Setting and Time Management. Emerald, 2012.

The Haven Home for Delinquent Girls. London: Headline Review, 2004.

The Water’s Edge. London: Headline Review, 2003.

Check them out here.